vic·tor  (vĭk′tər) n. (latin in origin meaning winner, conquer or champion)

Example: ONE that wins a contest or competition.

ONE’s closing event will bring our audience of dancers, teachers, directors, choreographers and parents an evening full of modern and chic elements to celebrate the achievements of our dancers.

The Victor Awards will primarily offer an event to honour and recognize the top award performances of the ONE The Dance Finals. The awards ceremony will offer dancers a professional yet dramatic way to be rewarded for their efforts during the week at Finals. Awards that will be announced at The Victor Awards include:

In conjunction with The Victor Awards, ONE presents A Black and Gold Affair. The evening will include dinner (buffet/food station style), music, entertainment and a dance floor where everyone can let loose for the evening. The evening will provide everyone with an opportunity to celebrate with other dancers, teachers, choreographers and parents; therefore we warmly invite everyone to attend.

The Victors is a party chic event where we encourage everyone to dress or accessorize in the colour scheme of the evening - Black and Gold. Don’t let wardrobe concerns keep you away though...just wear your best black and/or gold outfit!


Join us at this extravagant event to see who will be… The ONE Victor!

Link to Purchase Victor Gala tickets coming soon!




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