One of my favourite times of year is judging and teaching at ONE. There's no nationals that is more geared towards the kids experience. This event is always filled with so much support and love. It's a must to check out!

Zach Saunders, Adjudicator Choreographer and Dancer

“I love working for ONE! As a judge, everything is anonymous and fair, leaving the judging unbiased and simply about the dancing. The level of dancers is out of this world! THE BEST OF THE BEST! My favorite part of Finals week is working hands on with the dancers putting together the opening number. It’s a dream as a choreographer to meet dancers from different backgrounds and customizing a piece that utilizes their individual strengths.

Ambrose Respicio, Adjudicator Dancer & Choreographer

I wanted to take the time to thank the ONE Team for putting on a fanatic finals competition this past Summer in Atlantic City. Myself, the parents and the dancers felt it was a high quality, professional and well thought out event. We all had such fun at the competition and thought that the planned special events added a lot to the overall experience. Of course the Victors was the most memorable part of the entire week. Having walked away with so many acknowledgments was humbling for the Lorri's Dance Place team and definitely an added bonus to what was already an amazing week!

You guys are doing a great job keep it up. The Lorri's Dance Place Team will definitely be back to ONE!

Lorri McKay Owner and director of Lorri's Dance Place Vaughan Ontario Canada





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